C.R. McKellips brings the stock for this years 2021 Chanute Bit & Spur Rodeo. Check them out by clicking on the link above. 

AG Photography

1.) $2,500 Cash Donated By Chanute Bit & Spur Saddle Club 

2.) 9mm Glock  Semi-Auto donated by Squirley's Gun Shop $700 value 

3.) Rossi "Gallery"  .22LR Donated by S. Washington Gun & Pawn $350 value   

4.) B&W Tow & Stow  Receiver Hitch Donated by B&W Trailer Hitches 

5.) $250 Meat Bundle from Erie Locker 

6.) $100 Sonic Gift Card Donated by Sonic of Fredonia 

7.) $50 G&W Gift Card 

2021 Ticket information:



September 24th & 25th   2021

Ashton Grace Schemper  of AG photography is the official Photographer of the 2021 Chanute Rodeo Click on the logo to see rodeo photos and to get in contact with Ashton to purchase your pictures. 

Special Nightly Performances by: 



 Cowboy Mounted

 Chanute  Rodeo